Arts and Culture

Why we do the work we do:

The department's work aligns with Mesa's City Council Strategic Initiatives of Transforming Neighborhoods and Placemaking. 

What we do:

The Arts and Culture Department of the City of Mesa serves as a cultural liaison and ambassador for the City.  This department is the chief advocate for the importance of arts and culture to community life, education, and economic development.  The Arts and Culture Department also serves as the oversight body for the three City-owned arts and culture venues/programs: the i.d.e.a. Museum (formerly the Arizona Museum for Youth), the Arizona Museum of Natural History (AZMNH), and the Mesa Arts Center. 
The department seeks to engage with businesses, educational institutions, community members, volunteers, City staff, and other cultural and government entities to further the vision, mission and goals of the department’s strategic plan and support the strategic initiatives of the Mesa City Council.  The department believes that arts and culture are essential to a healthy and civically-engaged society, and that the creativity and discovery they help to engender promote and support innovation, human progress and well-being.

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