Transportation Department
Business Objective: Transportation
Core Business Process: Field Operations
Performance Measure: Streetlight Repairs

Description: Average number of calendar days to repair streetlights.
Performance Analysis: Cityworks provides with a platform that helps manage, track, and analyze transportation infrastructure assets (workorders, service requests). Calculated time between work order initiated date and work order completion date.
Action Items: 02/18/2021: Not meeting target of 5 days. Averaged 6.04 days for 1101 repairs in the second quarter of FY 20-21.

The City of Mesa maintains over 43,000 streetlights throughout Mesa. Most streetlight fixtures within the City of Mesa are still High-Pressure Sodium (HPS), but as new fixtures are installed or older models replaced, the City installs Light-Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures, which are more energy efficient and last longer. 
  • Q1 - FY19: 1314 repairs
  • Q2 - FY19: 1289 repairs
  • Q3 - FY19: 1701 repairs
  • Q4 - FY19: 1388 repairs 
  • Q1 - FY20: 1315 repairs 
  • Q2 - FY20: 1437 repairs
  • Q3 - FY20: 1367 repairs
  • Q4 - FY20: 1175 repairs
  • Q1 - FY21: 1306 repairs
  • Q2 - FY21: 1101 repairs
While the City can monitor some of its streetlights remotely, the City still primarily relies on residents to assist with maintenance of our streetlights by reporting outages when they are noticed. Weather and operational conditions permitting, the City aims to inspect and repair streetlights within five (5) business days.