Community Services - Department Financial Summary


The following interactive charts are designed to display the current fiscal year and/or previous years' information of the selected City of Mesa Department. These charts display either expenditures or revenues. 
To see additional financial information, explore the City's Open Budget financial module.
The chart below explores the Adopted Budget, Actual Expenditures and Year End Estimate by fiscal year. Explore the chart further to break down the funding category by fiscal year. To find fund category definitions and other budgetary terms please click here.

Revenues and Expenditures by Object Category and Business Objective

The City of Mesa budgets down to the object code. Object Codes are numbers assigned to an object to track expenditures and revenues related to that object. Each object code is then grouped into categories, see definitions below. The charts below explore by object category and Business Objective, a goal or target that aligns with one or more Strategic Initiatives and defines where the City allocates its resources.

Revenues Object Categories

Expenditures Object Category

Operational Budget by Object Category and Core Business Process

A Core Business Process is a collection of related inputs and outputs with a common mission and outcomeEach department at the City of Mesa has at least one Core Business Processes that relates to an overall Business Objective.

Position Summary

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) is a position converted to a decimal equivalent of expected workload based on  2,080 hours per year. A position may have a value less than or greater than 1.0 and multiple employees can fill each position.  The chart below measures FTE by the current year's Adopted Budget.

Revenues and Expenditures by Core Business Process and Fund Category

| Revenues: Amounts received from taxes and other sources. Revenues represent an increase in fund resources.

| Expenditures: Outlay of funds for obtaining assets or goods and services. Expenditures represent a decrease in fund resources.