Transportation Department
Business Objective: Transportation
Core Business Process: Traffic Engineering
Performance Measure: Signal Audits

Description: Timing record of every signalized intersection maintained by the City of Mesa. The performance measure displays the date by which each intersection needed to be audited, as well as the date the audit was completed.
Performance Analysis: The record of the date complete needs to be by (before or equal to) the target completion (date) in order for the performance measure to be met. All of the signals need to be audited in a two-year cycle. To accomplish this between three auditors, 60 are audited per quarter.
The target was to audit 50 signalized intersections quarterly (200 annually) before FY18. In Q2 of FY18 this target was updated to 60 audits per quarter (240 annually). The Benchmark Source is the National Traffic Signal Report Card, which calls for each signalized intersection to be audited every 16 months.
Action Items: 9/9/20: Meeting target of 60 audits per quarter. Continue to track and monitor progress.