Sustainable Economy

Striving for continued economic growth and increased prosperity for all Mesa residents.

Employment and Income

Unemployment Rate
Median Household Income
Average Wage vs Jobs Created or Retained
              by Mesa Office of Economic Development

Where People Living in Mesa Work
As shown in the map below, significant amounts of Mesa’s population are commuting to work in Tempe and Phoenix. To ensure a more sustainable economy, The City would benefit from  attracting and attaining more businesses to Mesa.


Number of Employees by Industry in Mesa

Consumer Activity

Economic Activity

What does economic activity look like over time in the City of Mesa? The first chart compares all tax revenues, Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) and Transient Lodging Tax (TLT), received by the City of Mesa for the month when the consumer activity occurred. For comparison purposes over time, revenues are shown based on a 1.75% tax rate only. Subsequent charts show actual TPT and TLT tax revenues received. Each chart can be viewed for different reporting periods, tax types, category codes or business class descriptions by expanding the "Filters" tab located in the top right hand side of the chart.

Combined Revenue from all active Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) and Transient Lodging Tax (TLT) activity, by month and year