Hacktivate Mesa - 2019

2019 Event Topics

  • Having fun in my community
  • Recycling in my community
  • Sustainability in my community
  • Safety and health in my community
  • Homelessness in my community
  • Opioid epidemic in my community

Having fun in my community

Downtown Mesa is a fun place to be! In or near downtown you can catch a Cubs or A’s game during Spring Training Baseball, watch a concert at the Mesa Amphitheater or Mesa Arts Center, climb to new heights at Riverview and Pioneer Park, cool off at the Mesa High lazy river, grab a bite to eat, and so much more.
Many people aren’t aware of all the exciting and entertaining experiences downtown Mesa has to offer, plus there’s opportunities to add more great things to do.  In that spirit, using the data sets provided as well as any others you have access to, we challenge your team to tell us how many people are coming downtown, what do they do and how we can have more fun in downtown Mesa.
https://data.mesaaz.gov/Recreation-Culture/Ticket-Sales-Ice-Rink-at-City-Plaza/bca4-y9b7 - Individual ticket sales by time, day, type for 2017 and 2018 Merry Main Street seasons only.

Recycling in my community

The City provides trash and recycling services to residents and businesses.  Trash is sent to a landfill and materials that can be recycled are processed and sold for re-use.  The City’s ability to maintain a recycling program is affected by the amount of contamination mixed with the recycled material.  Recently, businesses will only buy recyclable material from the City if little to no contamination is mixed with the recyclable material.  Additionally, it often costs less for manufacturers to use raw material than to pay to process and use recyclable material.   What are the issues?  What is the impact on people when material is not recycled?  What is the impact on the environment?  What is the impact on profit and prosperity if material is not recycled? 
https://data.mesaaz.gov/dataset/Daily-Disposal/ne55-bb7w (requires username/password - see city staff)
• Amount of contamination
• Cost to land fill
• Cost of raw material to produce these products – glass, cardboard, paper, aluminum cans,

Sustainability in my community

Sustainability ensures that Mesa continues to be a great place to live, work and have fun by balancing the values of people, planet, and prosperity. “People” means equity for everyone, “Planet” means positive environmental impact, and “Prosperity” means an economically successful and thriving community. Elements of Sustainability include: Waste (Trash), Water Use, Air Quality, Getting Around, Renewable Energy, Urban Heat (Temperatures), and Access to Food.
Using the datasets and others at your disposal, identify patterns and trends and how to improve Mesa’s sustainability efforts – balancing People, Planet and Prosperity. What are the issues? And how can we encourage the design and implementation of a sustainable community?" 
Public Safety & Hospitals Map - https://gis.mesaaz.gov/addresssearch/
Map of Existing Fire Stations - https://www.mesaaz.gov/home/showdocument?id=5978
Other Resources
Water Use:
Getting around:
Renewable Energy
Urban Heat
Food Deserts

Safety and Health in my community

We seek for a community where residents are healthy and feel safe and welcome. Factors that contribute to a feeling of safety, health and welcoming include crime, accident prevention, a wide variety of proactive and reactive healthcare programs and options and accepting of diversity. Using the available data, what are the patterns or trends that your team identified? What are some recommendations your team has for improving the feeling of safety and health in the community?

Homelessness in my community

Individuals and families experiencing homelessness is a challenge faced by cities across the country and Mesa is no exception.  Many factors likely contribute to homelessness including insufficient income, increasing housing costs, mental health issues and family struggles just to name a few. 
Organizations like the Center for Evidence-based Solutions to Homelessness and others have shown there are proven methods that can help prevent and end homelessness.  We are fortunate in Mesa to have many great social service agencies and a generous community ready and willing to help.  Using the data available, can your team discover local trends or patterns in homelessness?  What are some potential solutions that uplift our community and benefit those experiencing homelessness?
Other resources

Opioid epidemic in my community 

Every day more than 115 people in the United States die after overdosing on opioids. Additional misuse and addiction to opioids across our communities have far flung negative social and economic impacts. Opioid addiction and abuse is a serious national crisis and Mesa Police and Fire personnel are on the front lines, responding to opioid related incidents every day.
Understanding where, how, and the frequency of opioid abuse can be a good start to addressing the crisis and impacting positive change.  Using the available datasets and others at your disposal, describe the opioid epidemic in Mesa and some potential solutions to the problem