Fleet Services

Why we do the work we do:

The department's work aligns with Mesa's City Council Strategic Initiatives of Community Safety.

What we do:

The Fleet Services Department operates two Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified Blue Seal Facilities responsible for safe, dependable, professional, and economical service and repairs to City vehicles.  These services are delivered in an environmentally conscious manner that supports Mesa’s departments in accomplishing their goals and objectives with a high focus on public safety. In addition to maintaining the City’s fleet, the Fleet Services Department procures and designs new vehicles, operates and maintains eight fuel sites and can fabricate and weld most projects from other departments. City vehicle service and maintenance records are maintained in a professional database, Asset Works. This system provides management with the information to make fast and productive decisions regarding the City’s fleet daily.  The Parts Management division is responsible for procuring and maintaining parts inventory to support vehicle maintenance and repair. The division has two inventory locations that house over 55,000 inventory line items.

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