Transportation Department
Business Objective: Transportation
Core Business Process: Traffic Engineering
Performance Measure: High Priority Signal Calls

Description: Percentage of high priority traffic signal trouble calls (flash calls, red indications burned out, etc.) responded to within one hour.
Performance Analysis: Cityworks provides a platform that helps manage, track, and analyze transportation infrastructure assets (work orders, service requests). Calculated time between work order initiated time and actual work order start date/time. ITS Trouble Calls - "High Priority" and ITS Trouble Calls OT - "High Priority" are counted based on initiate date, with the number of those responded to within 60 minutes used as the numerator in the quotient for calculation.
Action Items: 9/9/20: Not meeting target of 95%. Averaged 91.55% response within one hour. 
For the quarter ending September 30th, there were 71 high priority trouble calls, and our average time to respond was 33 minutes. There were 4 calls within 2 hours on 8/20 which pulled us below 95%.
For the quarter ending June 30th, there were 87 high priority trouble calls and our average time to respond was 27 minutes. On 6/2 there was a callout that originated with streetlights, and they called us out after they responded and found there to be a traffic signal on the pole that was hit. The ITS Technician responded, but the initiated time was the original for streetlights. While on that call, we received another call which we responded to as soon as the knockdown was complete. These 2 calls pulled us under 95% for that quarter.