Department: Falcon Field Airport
Business Objective: Falcon Field Airport
Core Business Process: Environmental
Mission Statement
Falcon Field takes reasonable measures to be environmentally responsible and sensitive to the surrounding community.
Desired Outcome
  • The environment and quality of life of those affected by the airport is protected without adversely affecting commerce, trade, and recreation at the airport.

Key Performance Measure: Household Complaints
Flight Tracks on a Typical Day Surrounding Field Airport
The number of households filing complaints about aircraft each month.
All communications with Falcon Field Airport regarding aircraft are tracked in the airport administrative database. Citizens can submit comments or ask questions via the airport website, telephone calls or email. Irrespective of the number of calls by one or more members of a household, this data reflects complaints by the household only once per month.
  • All complaints receive responses by Falcon Field Airport staff.
  • Complaints are researched by listening to tapes of aircraft radio transmissions, talking to air traffic controllers, & viewing flight tracks of aircraft in the area by date.
  • Events involving a large number of aircraft, increased aircraft activity, or unusual/specialized itinerant aircraft may result in increased complaints.
  • Voluntary noise abatement strategies have been developed with community input to help reduce the impact of aircraft noise on neighborhoods.