Transit Services Department
Business Objective: Transit Services
Core Business Process: Fixed Route Bus

In FY20 regional ridership declined 20% or 9.6 million riders. Mesa, while performing slightly better than the region, saw a ridership decline of 18%, or 659,000 riders.
In FY21 regional ridership has continued to decline, down 48% or 4.2 million riders, while Mesa ridership has declined 39% or 1.1 million riders.

Key Performance Measure:
April 2021 is our first opportunity to compare year-over-year ridership impacted by the pandemic. Mesa's ridership is beginning to trend positive with 11 of 14 routes reporting increased ridership. This shift represents an increase of 3% or 4,719 riders more than reported in April 2020. 
As more people are vaccinated, their return to the workplace, and participating in other activities should increase ridership. Valley Metro is forecasting a return to pre-pandemic ridership levels in FY26.

Mesa routes reporting a 25% or more ridership increase over April 2020 data.