City Clerk
Business Objective: City Clerk
Core Business Process: Elections

Mission Statement
Efficiently and cost effectively administers municipal elections that protect the integrity of the electoral process and ensures legal compliance with local, state and federal election laws. Provide comprehensive election information and materials to voters in an effort to enhance and facilitate voter participation.
Desired Outcomes
  • Voter and candidate trust in the integrity of the election process is maintained and enhanced
  • Voter, candidate, and organization satisfaction is achieved
  • Voter participation through increased voter turnout is enhanced
  • Voters, candidates, and organizations are provided user-friendly access to a wide array of election information
  • All elections are conducted in a timely, accurate, and cost effective manner
  • Legal compliance

Performance Measure

Election Pamphlets Mailed 

The metric is based on the total number of publicity pamphlets mailed to registered households, as required by law to ensure voters receive them prior to the start of early voting. The number fluctuates by year based on whether it is an election year.

Campaign Finance Report

The metric is based on the total number of Campaign Finance Reports submitted by active candidates and Political Action Committees in compliance with statutory requirements. The number fluctuates annually based on whether it is an election year.

Election Web Pages Accessed 

The metric is based on the total number of unique visits to the City Clerks' Election web pages. The staff member responsible can retrieve the number from Urchin data available through the City's website.