Animal Control

Mission Statement
Serve and protect citizens and animals in the community through cooperative partnerships, education, and voluntary compliance or enforcement to contribute to the quality of life for Mesa residents. 
Desired Outcomes
  • Animals and citizens are protected.
  • Citizens understand codes related to animals.
                                                                                                 Community Services Performance Dashboard

Animal Control Calls for Services

Calls for service are citizen contacts received by Animal Control via telephone, electronic, or in-person communication. These contacts are regarding questions, concerns, or incidents that the citizens of Mesa want to report to animal control for answers or assistance. The contacts generate action from the Animal Control staff members, office and field, that address the concerns and needs of the citizens that contact us.

Community Education

Community Education is a new measure that began FY 19/20. Community Education is measured by the number of informational packets that are provided to citizens in office, in the field, or at City events. These packets contain information on City ordinances, low cost spay and neutering, seasonal information to protect animals, and Maricopa County animal licensing information and requirements.

Animal Cruelty Cases

Animal Cruelty Cases is a new measure that began FY 19/20. Animal Cruelty Cases are the number of cases handled by Animal Control alone or in conjunction with Mesa Police Department that involve police actions such as death, hospitalization, eviction of an animal owner, as well as animal cruelty investigations where the contract with the Arizona Humane Society is utilized. 
*These numbers do not reflect cruelty cases handled by Mesa Police alone.