Mesa Municipal Court
Business Objective: Municipal Court
Mission Statement
As the judicial branch of government, to administer justice in a fair and timely manner.
Desired Outcome
  • Services are provided to the community in an efficient, accurate, consistent, and accessible manner.
                                                                                                                                              Mesa Municipal Court Performance Dashboard

Key Performance Measures

  • Time to Disposition - (% of Cases disposed of or resolved within 180 days/6 months)
  • Individuals Served at the Front Counter within 15 minutes - (% of Individuals served within 15 minutes)
  • Internet Usage/eCourt Web Users - (# of eCourt/Web Users)
  • Telephone IVR Activity - (# of Calls handled by the Interactive Voice Response System (IVR))  
  • Abandoned Call Rate - (% of Abandoned Calls)
Additional Topic -
  •  Community Court

Core Business Processes - Court Operations and Business Operations

Community Court -

The Court implemented the Community Court program in July of 2018. The program is proving to be very effective and successful. The philosophy of Community Court is to help navigate its participants to services provided by community partners that will assist them in changing their situation so they do not find themselves in a position where they are picking up the types of charges often associated with homelessness.
Since its inception, the Mayor, the City and the Court have received awards for the Community Court program including: The Court Innovation Award, The Outstanding Achievement 2019 Large City Livability Award, The Malachite Award from NAFFA (Native American Fatherhood and Families Association), and The Strategic Agenda Award for Promoting Access to Justice. Beside these awards, the Community Court program has received statewide and national recognition.
But more important than the awards and recognition, the Community Court has saved money in jail and public defender costs; reduced recidivism among many of the city’s most frequent offenders; and with the assistance of the entire community has improved the lives of the successful participants of the program.