Transportation Employee Engagement

The Transportation Department has a multipronged approach to recognize employees. Through our Employee Engagement Program, we help them to understand the impact of their work in our community and facilitate understanding with the values we hold collectively.

Feed My Starving Children Volunteer Project
Transportation-Gives-Back Days
Each quarter, we offer events to give employees the opportunity to step away from their regular day-to-day work and give back to the Mesa community. This year, we’ve helped pack 1000 emergency food boxes at the United Food Bank, painted the Family Center building at the House of Refuge, and helped pack 70 boxes (15,120 meals) at
Feed My Starving Children. We’ve had over 50 volunteers participate, with approximately 115 service hours given back to Mesa in 2022.
Feed My Starving Children Volunteer Project

New Employee Kits
Items included – Drawstring bag with pockets and logo, safety vest, safety gloves, ear plugs, hand sanitizer, blue cooling towel with logo, gray microfiber cloth, COM Employee Values card, signed letter from RJ, and public transportation brochures (Traffic Calming, Maintaining Mesa’s Streets, Road Hazard Response, Monsoon Ready, Neighborhood Calming & Speed Control Measures, Pedestrian Safety, Storm Sandbag Pickup Locations postcard, Report Graffiti App card, Monsoon numbers magnet, Transportation Key numbers card).

Leadership Summit
Leadership Summit will be held on November 8th, noon – 3pm at Dobson Ranch Golf Course. Supervisors will be given The Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace: Empowering Organizations by Encouraging People by Gary Chapman and Paul White. Each book comes with a survey code. Supervisors are required to complete the survey to determine their top two preferred languages of appreciation and their lowest. Presenter Eileen Rogers will be facilitating a workshop with the team focused on recognition efforts vs. appreciation in the workplace. Eileen is a leadership coach, facilitator, and business advisor, a certified coach, Brené Brown Dare to Lead facilitator, and an Integrative Enneagram practitioner. After the workshop and lunch, supervisors are encouraged to stay to participate in the Dobson Ranch Toptracer Course.

Birthday Cards
In addition to birthdays listed in the newsletter (Transportation Talk), supervisors are given cards signed by the Transportation Department Director for employees celebrating a birthday each month. This gives the supervisor the opportunity to have their teams sign and recognize each individual once a year. It’s one small way we aim to make people feel seen and valued on our team.

Newsletters - Transportation Talk
Each month, we send a newsletter for the department which includes important updates, highlights teamwork within the department, and offers monthly safety tips. Recognition is also given to team members who participate in citywide events like Celebrate Mesa or Merry Main Street.
  • June/July: Streetlights LED Project - We're Halfway There
  • August: Striping & Sweepers
  • September/October: Signals - Upgrades to School Zone Flashers
"Streetlight crews recently passed the 50% mark for streetlight fixtures converted to LED lights. Mesa started it’s LED Streetlight Conversion Project in FY19/20, anticipating it would take approximately seven years to complete, and is scheduled to conclude in FY25/26.
The Transportation Department has saved the City over $5 million by keeping the project in-house. Additionally, the LED lights use about 40% of the power that traditional High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) lights use, contributing to the City’s Climate Action Plan. This map shows a visual of streetlight fixture conversions to LEDs.
Great job to Derek, Nathan, Larry, Jason A., Jason N. and the entire streetlight crew."

"Striping crews are responsible for installing and maintaining traffic pavement markings in Mesa, keeping traffic moving with clear directional markings. The City paints more than 1,700 miles of lines per year along with crosswalks, stop bars, symbols and curbs. It takes a good amount of focus and communication between crews driving, painting and directing to make sure markings are consistent and accurate."
"Sweepers remove dirt and hazardous debris from our roadways, and help to keep gutters clear allowing rain water to flow freely down the storm drain. The water keeps the airborne pollution down, which vehicles would "kick up" if not maintained. This keeps not only our streets clean, but our air quality too.
Shout out to our Traffic Ops crews for keeping Mesa's streets looking great each week. "
"The Traffic Signal Technicians began updating school zone flashers this month with old equipment being updated to a new centralized control system. The project comes from city funds reinvested from red-light and school zone camera tickets allocated for safety improvement projects. The one-million dollar project will allow ITS staff to complete 18 system upgrades in total for Mesa Public Schools, in addition to a couple of Queen Creek and Gilbert schools that fall within Mesa's jurisdiction."
"The team will continue to work around school breaks to complete the installations, since the systems need to be turned off for days at a time. They plan to have the remaining systems in place by Spring 2023. Great job to the ITS Ops and TMC teams for making these upgrades possible. ."

Word on the Street Lunch
Each quarter, we invite a small group of employees that have been noted for their outstanding work in Transportation to lunch. The idea is to have face-to-face time with the Director and Supervisor. It gives the team an opportunity to be recognized for their efforts and allows the leadership an opportunity to get feedback in a casual setting. In addition, Transportation Department Director, RJ Zeder, periodically visits with employees in their field of work and encourages supervisors to do so as well, to better understand day-to-day tasks and challenges.