Transportation Department
Business Objective: Transportation
Core Business Process: Field Operations
Performance Measure: Graffiti Abatement

Description: Percent of graffiti incidents abated within next full business day after notification.
Performance Analysis: This process generally includes querying data from CitySourced, calculating an adjusted workday created, extracting graffiti square footage, removing records that are not city jurisdiction, extracting reporting source, extracting reporting device, calculating repair time in excel, tabulating performance measures, and reporting the results.
The copy of the file is stored on Transportation's SharePoint.
Action Items: 06/17/2024: Currently not meeting target of 100% for reported graffiti abated within 1 working day after notification. We continue to train staff on how to enter information into the system to avoid reporting errors which are causing percentage completion problems.

Graffiti Abatement
Graffiti abatement is one of the ways the City of Mesa is committed to creating safe and clean neighborhoods. Graffiti can be an expensive burden for a community and can lower property values and incite additional criminal activity. The City aims to abate all citizen reported graffiti within one business day (kudos via social media regarding great service with graffiti abatement from a citizen shown below). Quick and effective graffiti abatement not only helps maintain an attractive environment, but also reduces the chance of graffiti reappearing, since its quick disappearance is a disincentive to graffiti taggers. 
The introduction of the Mesa CityLink app has greatly improved the response time it takes to abate graffiti. With quick reporting of incidents, pinpointed location data, and improved communication with citizens, the app has streamlined the abatement process.
Read more about Mesa's graffiti abatement in this story map (updated monthly).