Library Books and More!

Did you know...

Did you know that Mesa Public Library checks out more than just books? The library’s Stuffbrary checks out a variety of – you guessed it – stuff! From seeds to cake pans, the library has all kinds of stuff. How many "stuff" transactions did the library have from July through December 2017? Explore the visualizations and table on this page and on the library's circulation data table to find the answer.

But books still lead the way in terms of library transactions. According to the American Library Association, Americans check out an average of eight books per year. Use the filter in the chart on the left to see transactions for other types of library materials. How many books were checked out from the Red Mountain Library branch in July 2017? Explore the visualizations and table on this page and here to find the answer.

Library Programs

One of Mesa Public Library’s primary goals is to provide programs that surprise, delight and enrich the lives of Mesa kids. Learn more about library program attendance in the chart below. How many children came to library programs in 2017? Explore the data table to find the answer!

InterLibrary Loans

With InterLibrary Loan, users can request materials Mesa Library doesn’t own from libraries all over the U.S. In October 2017. Explore the library materials circulation data table to the right to learn more. How many InterLibrary new loans were made in October 2017?