City Energy Usage Dashboard

Top 10 Electricity Users - Gainers and Losers 

The following four (4) charts show city buildings with largest percentage and actual change(+/-) in electric consumption (kWh) last month and same month last year. For example, March 2023 compared to March 2022. 

The following four (4) charts show city buildings with largest percentage and actual change(+/-) in electric demand (kW) last month and same month last year. For example, March 2023 compared to March 2022.  Electric demand (kW) describes the highest amount of electricity used within a 30 minute interval, during the month. 

Solar Generation on City Buildings

MAC Electricity Usage Reports

Energy Management Systems (EMS)

Energy Management Systems (EMS) are helping identify opportunities to adopt and improve energy saving practices City buildings. The EMS Energy Dashboard tracks energy consumption at locations where these systems are operational.

Fire Stations Electricity Usage

Energy conservation is a focus area at fire stations across the City. This dashboard includes information about electricity usage at all stations as a group and individual stations in kWh and kW.

Citywide Annual Electricity Usage

Streetlights Electricity Consumption

During 2022, streetlights comprised 19% of the city's overall annual electric consumption. The City's investment in converting from HPS to LED type lamps is driving an overall decrease in energy consumption by streetlights and helping to reduce the City's overall annual electricity consumption. Since 2019, annual streetlight electricity consumption decreased 15.5%

City Building Electricity Usage Comparison

Percent change (+/-) in electricity usage compared with same month, prior year period. Negative number denotes a decrease in electricity consumption. Percentage change between current total kilowatt hours usage and previous period (same month, prior year). Negative number denotes decrease in electricity consumption. Consumption is filtered for city-owned facilities where Site  Type = "Building".

Focus on Water Electricity Consumption

Sustainable Environment

Learn more about Mesa's City Council Strategic Priority for a Sustainable Environment

Mesa's Climate Action Plan (MCAP)

The City created the Mesa Climate Action Plan (MCAP), a Mayor and Council priority initiative, as our commitment to proactively and responsibly protect and conserve our environment and natural resources. Through the MCAP we have identified strategies to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, outlined specific actions within City operations and set aspirational goals to guide our future vision.

Manage Site Names and Accounts

For Energy Conservation employee use only: Site/Account Lookup. For maintaining Site names, SubType, Address, etc.