Development Services Department
Business Objective: Planning and Development

Mission Statement
In support of the City’s General Plan and the City Council Strategic Priorities, we assist in developing a healthy and sustainable community by providing planning, plan review, permitting and inspection services to guide the orderly development of an attractive, healthy and livable city.
Desired Outcomes
  • The General Plan and Subarea Plans are prepared and maintained to guide development of the community
  • High quality new development, redevelopment, and property maintenance are facilitated by expert and proficient staff
  • Professional staff members use technology to provide exceptional customer service
                                                                                                                         Development Services Performance Dashboard

Climate Action Plan

  • Creation of guidelines for sustainable development to be used by private developers that encourage:
    • Heat reduction in neighborhoods
    • Increased shade coverage
    • Native or climate tolerant landscaping
    • Energy efficient buildings
    • Sustainable construction practices
  • Actively promote Low Impact Development in private development
  • In collaboration with the Engineering and Environmental Management and Sustainability Departments, explore creation of a program to recognize/certify sustainable developments in Mesa.

Core Business Processes