Mesa Municipal Court
Business Objective: Municipal Court
Public Purpose
The purpose of the Mesa Municipal Court is to serve the public. It accomplishes this by providing friendly access to court services while protecting rights and liberties, upholding and interpreting the law, and magnifying public trust in the judicial system.
Desired Outcomes
  • Deliver accessible justice in individual cases in a manner that promotes public trust and confidence
  • Deter criminal behavior thereby improving the safety of the community
  • Rehabilitate persons convicted of crimes to the extent that the offender, any victims, and the community share a sense of wellbeing
                                                                                                                                              Mesa Municipal Court Performance Dashboard

Key Performance Measures

  • Individuals Served at the Front Counter within 15 minutes - (% of Individuals served within 15 minutes)
  • Internet Usage/eCourt Web Users - (# of eCourt/Web Users)
  • Automated Calls Handled - (# of Calls handled by the Interactive Voice Response System (IVR))  
  • Time to Disposition - (% of Cases disposed of or resolved within 180 days/6 months)
  • DV Court - (Total Participants - as of July 7, 2022)
Additional Topics -
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Employee Engagement
  • Climate Action Plan

Core Business Processes 

Friendly Access to Justice and Court Services

Objective:  Increase access to justice
  • Virtual Hearings
    • Photo Safety
    • Ex Parte Protection Order Hearings
      • Safety may be a factor
  • Directing stakeholders and public to eCourt
    • Receipts and payment contracts
    • IVR Retainer while holding provides option to website
    • Staff advise customers of eCourt option
  • Chatbot
  • Customer Service Impact
    • IVR
    • Phone Agents
      • Generation and digital divide
      • We will continue to monitor
      • Plan to post bonds and file acknowledgements on eCourt
  • Strains of IT resources
  • Constant reprioritization of IT projects (court & AOC)
    • AOC Mandates are a priority

Add Internet Users / payments / continuances?

Need to update this chart

Friendly Access to Justice and Court Services

Innovative Approaches to Justice 
  • Specialty Courts
    • DV Court Recidivism (need to update verbiage and change chart)
      • Reoffending - Roughly 1.8% of the 271 have been convicted of a DV charge post-conviction
      • Recidivism cannot be measured for 2-3 years
      • One defendant completed 12-month probation
    • Community Court Appearance Rates (need to update verbiage and change chart)
      • Currently 41.1% appearance rates. Notably, the caseload has increased roughly 40%
    • Veterans Court (need to update verbiage and change chart)

Friendly Access to Justice and Court Services 

Innovative Approaches to Justice
New Case Management System
  • Hoping to get new case management system within the next 2 years, which will streamline our delivery of justice.
    • Allow staff to provide more quality customer service
    • Less stress on staff
  • Recruiting BA to assist with business requirements and new CMS implementation
    • Potential hurdles
      • New CMS might be cost-prohibitive
      • No definitive delivery date
Workforce learning and development (AZ Supreme Court Strategic Agenda)
    • Arizona Leadership Institute
    • Women Leading Government
    • City training
      • COJET (Committee on Judicial Education & Training) (Need to add the COJET hours chart)

Employee Engagement 

High Employee Morale
Restructuring of the new-hire orientation
Remodeling Call Center
Modernizing break room
Competitive food and decorating events

Objectives Tied to Budget Adjustments that Activated for this FY 23/24

To be more competitive in the Pro Tem Market
  • Increased Pro Tem hourly rate of $85
    • Implemented on July 1st
  • Retention of stable pool of Pro Tems

Employee Vacancy/Turnover

  • Total Court Positions (Employee Filled?)
  • Court Specialist Positions (Employee Vacancies)
    • Most of the court's vacancies are in this Court Specialist role
    • Promote to higher paying positions 
    • Leave the city for higher paying positions
    • Employee engagement efforts have helped with retention
    • Several requests to return to the court which is evident in exit interviews