Energy Resources Department
Business Objective: Gas
Mission Statement
Provide safe, reliable and efficient natural gas to our customers.
Desired Outcomes
  • Reliable receipt, transmission, distribution and delivery of natural gas to our customers.
  • Natural gas is delivered to our community safely.
  • Mesa's cost of natural gas is the lowest in our region.
  • Employees will perform their duties safely with no accidents or lost time.
                                                                                                                                 Energy Resources Performance Dashboard

Providing Safe, Reliable and Efficient Natural Gas Service for over 100 Years!

The City of Mesa has been offering safe, reliable, and efficient natural gas utility service for over 100 years. Established in 1917, our natural gas service area now includes roughly 107 square-miles in Mesa, as well as 227 square-miles in Pinal County, where in total we serve more than 65,000 customers. The area in Pinal County is known as the Mesa Magma Certified Area.

Performance Measures

Reliability - Outage Frequency (SAIFI)