Transit Services Department
Business Objective: Transit 
Core Business Process:  Light Rail
National transit ridership is estimated to have declined approximately 75% as a result of the Covid -19 pandemic. Regionally, light rail ridership declined 54% during this period. While performing slightly better than the regional average, Mesa's year-over-year Q1 ridership declined 53% with lower than normal ridership expected while Covid-19 protocols remain in place.
Covid-19 Mitigation:
  • Service adjustments based on demand with an emphasis on maintaining service levels to support essential workers.
  • Use of face coverings required on all forms of public transit and social distancing is encouraged.
Key Performance Measure
Mission Statement
Participate in visioning, planning, and developing policies promoting operations and growth of a quality light rail system for the region.
Desired Outcome:
  • Residents have the ability to travel throughout the region on a safe and efficient light rail system.