Transportation Department
Business Objective: Transportation
Core Business Process: Traffic Engineering
Performance Measure: Class A Signal Preventive Maintenance (PM)

Description: This is a record of every Class A traffic signal maintenance performed at signalized intersections maintained by the City of Mesa.
Class A traffic signal maintenance is defined as the preventive and responsive activities to preserve traffic signal infrastructure and control devices necessary for the safe and efficient utilization of arterial, collector, and local roadways. This includes doing an AC/DC voltage check, cleaning the cabinet, checking the controller and monitor programming and operation, checking pedestrian and vehicle detection operation, checking for signal indication outages, checking equipment inventory, checking communications to the traffic management center, and checking wiring.
Performance Analysis: Each intersection review record will need to be compared to its previous record to see if the preventive maintenance was completed within one year’s time. If the signal was not revisited within one year, then the performance measure has not been met. The target is for 100% of the signalized intersections to have preventive maintenance conducted annually. The Benchmark Source is the National Transportation Operations Coalition, which calls for high signalized intersections to have preventive maintenance conducted annually.
Action Items: 9/9/20: Currently below target of 100% completion. We performed maintenance on 44.6% of the Class A Signals last quarter for a total of 93% last fiscal year, which is expected with our staff shortage (2 ITS Tech vacancies). This number depends on workload and staffing. We are tracking ahead of the 25% quarterly target (100% annually). Continue to monitor progress.