City Council
Strategic Initiatives

NEW: Updated for 2021

INNOVATION is the Mesa Way
We deliver innovative services and solutions for our residents,
 visitors, and businesses large and small through:
1. Community Safety
Building communities that are safe, healthy, welcoming, and resilient.
Police data               Fire and Medical data    
2. Skilled and Talented Workforce
Ensure Mesa's small and large business can grow, create quality jobs and thrive by leveraging business and P-20 education partnerships, supporting a strong education continuum, and providing robust job skills training.
3. Placemaking
Cultivating unique spaces throughout Mesa that are vibrant, safe, blight-free, and that are served by quality infrastructure to attract and benefit residents, business and visitors.
4. Transforming Neighborhoods
Mesa neighborhoods will be socially well connected, have equal access to health and technology solutions, and will be clean, safe, diverse, and economically vibrant places where residents and businesses are engaged, informed, and take pride in their properties and community.
5. Sustainable Economy
Establishing a path of continued economic growth and increased prosperity for all Mesa residents, including those living in poverty or financially disadvantaged households. 
6. Healthy Environment
Proactively and responsibly protect and conserve Mesa’s environment and natural resources to mitigate climate change by reducing carbon pollution.