Utility Assistance Program

Mission:  To quickly provide utility assistance to Mesa residents negatively affected by COVID-19

The City received $90 million dollars of federal CARES funds to assist our community with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.  $8 million has been designated to assist Mesa residents with their City of Mesa, SRP and Southwest Gas utility bills.  
6/15/2020:  A New Leaf/Mesa CAN has partnered with the City to qualify applicants and award assistance based on existing criteria.  Mesa CAN began accepting applications.  Until Mesa announced the resumption of delinquent account disconnects, applications came in slowly.
9/28/2020:  Mesa began accepting "Safety Net" applications.  The Safety Net program is an expedited application process intended to help those in immediate jeopardy of delinquent account disconnects.  It does not help a citizen with their SRP or Southwest Gas utility bills or with rent/mortgage assistance.

Ultimate Measure of Success

Our ultimate measure of success is seeing Mesa citizens in need due to COVID-19, our neighbors, being relieved of the burden of a utility bill they can't currently pay.
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
May I take a moment of your time to graciously thank you for eliminating my water bill through the Mesa Cares Program.
When I went to the Water Co. location it was to beg for a two week extension.  I was so relieve and shocked when the pleasant security guard went into the office and returned with the new that the bill was paid for.  I thanked him, left in teams and wonderment!
This will help me return to normal so much faster.  I could not sleep well on Saturday & Sunday because I was so worried about this.
You have certainly made a friend in me!  In the future I will be adding the $5 donation request to my water bill.
Barbara B.

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