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Library materials checked out is the number of physical items checked out by library cardholders. These materials include books, DVDs, audio books, et al.  
In 2015 auto renewals were introduced. In 2016 DVD check out period changed from 1 week checkout to 2 weeks.
Descriptions of Materials:
-Audio CD - Compact Disc (CD) recording of a reading of a book, typically a novel.
-Audio Kit - A book accompanied by a Compact Disc (CD) recording of a reading of the book. The CD recording is contained in a pocket in the front or back of the book.
-Board Book - a book for very small children, with the pages pasted to heavy cardboard.
-Book - A written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers.
-Book bucket - A zippered bag that contains multiple titles about a specific subject, designed for educators to use with elementary students.
-Book club kit - Designed for book groups, the kit is a plastic bin with a lid that contains 10 copies of a book and a binder with information about the book to facilitate discussion in a group setting.
-Culture pass - A Culture Pass gives library users two free tickets to participating local cultural institutions and theater performances. Each household can check out one pass at a time (maximum of two a month).
-DVD - A type of compact disc able to store large amounts of data, especially high-resolution audiovisual material.
-Equipment - Other items available for checkout like SRP TrickleStar Plug-In Energy monitors and engraver kits.
-Express checkout - Copies of current popular titles that only check out for seven (7) days, are specific to each location and cannot be renewed or reserved.
-Interlibrary Loan - A system in which one library borrows a book from another library for the use of an individual.
-Magazine - A periodical publication containing articles and illustrations, typically covering a particular subject or area of interest.
-Periodical - a magazine or newspaper published at regular intervals.
-Playaway - Solid-state prerecorded audio player that can store up to 80 hours of audio in high definition.
-Stuffbrary - Library card holders can check out household items, play equipment and more. Stuff is available at all locations, though some items are branch specific.

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